Q. Who leads & teaches at Capoeira Brooklyn?

A. Mestre Foca and graduados

Q. I’m new to Capoeira – which classes can I take?

A. We strongly recommend newcomers start with our Intro to Capoeira class on Thursdays from 6:30-8pm to learn the basic movements of capoeira. We offer an excellent introductory special to new students of 5 classes plus a full capoeira uniform for $150, which can also be used in our other beginners classes. If you would like to do a trial Intro to Capoeira class, you can wear comfortable workout clothes in lieu of a uniform for your first class. The drop-in rate is $25.

Q. What should I wear to class?

A. Uniforms are an important part of Capoeira Vida and are required for all participants. They are available for purchase at Capoeira Vida for $75 and consist of abada/pants, cord, and shirt. Uniforms can be picked up upon in-person registration or the first day of classes.

Q. How do I register for Classes, Retreats and Workshops?

A. Registration at Capoeira Vida can be done in, by mail or by paypal. The class location opens up 15 minutes before listed class times on our Class Schedule page. Payment reserves a spot in our Capoeira Foundations Series, Kids Classes, Retreats and Workshops, not just an email.

Q. How are classes structured at Capoeira Vida?

A. Our classes are 1.5 hours long. They begin with stretching, warm-up and strengthening exercises – which is why it is very important to arrive early to class and avoid injuries. The training portion of the class focuses on repetition of Capoeira movements to build strength, form, and endurance for the art. Classes end with a roda. Portuguese language practice is an important aspect of class; we learn numbers, movements, songs and basic vocabulary while we train. Please arrive on time.

Q. Can I watch an adult class?

A. Absolutely! You are welcome to observe any class we offer. We recommend staying for the entire class so that you can see what we do from start to finish, but you may also drop by for a portion of the class to catch some of the training combinations and the roda.

Q. Can I come just to play in the roda?

A. Class rodas are open to the students in the class only. Check the website for details on open rodas.

Q. I’m pregnant – can I train Capoeira?

A. In order to participate, we require a letter from your physician that gives permission to participate and acknowledges the physicality and contact involved in Capoeira. Keep in mind that Capoeira is a physically demanding and contact martial art. The choice to play Capoeira while pregnant should be made by carefully evaluating the risks involved.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We prefer cash or check. We also accept PayPal for online registration.